Act The Opposite

When you touch a hot stove, a signal is sent along your autonomic nervous system that causes your hand to pull away before you’re even conscious of the heat. It’s brilliant!

Just as your reflexes protect your physical body, you have emotional reflexes that protect your ego. It’s the reason you get defensive when someone questions you or verbally attacks you. It’s the reason you don’t completely trust the people you care about. It’s the reason you avoid conversations that scare you. You’re protecting yourself.

When you were a child, these emotional reflexes served an important purpose. They protected your fragile ego from harm. As an adult, your emotional reflexes are a problem. They prevent you from building the authentic self confidence that you need in order to become a remarkable leader.

Acting the opposite is the equivalent of pressing your hand against that stove, even as your skin blisters and blackens.

When you feel anger, act with gratitude.

When you feel fear, act with courage.

When you feel frustrated, act with encouragement.

When you feel doubt, act with confidence.

If you want help becoming a more intentional leader, one who doesn’t let his emotions create drama and destroy relationships, coaching with Forging Leaders might be right for you.