Your Big Idea Is Worthless

Your Big Idea Is Worthless

I hate to break it to you, but your big idea is worthless.

You know, that idea you’ve had for a book, or business, or product. The one you’ve talked about for years. The one your family/friends/coworkers are sick of hearing about. Yeah, that one.

Now, it’s not worthless because it’s a bad idea. It’s actually pretty cool.

And it’s not worthless because you are incapable of pulling it off. You actually have a decent chance.

It’s worthless because it’s just an idea. (more…)

James Bond Drives a Subaru

James Bond Drives a Subaru

When I was in high school I wanted to grow up to be James Bond.

Well, James Bond the businessman: In shape, sharply dressed, and pulling up to meet clients in an exotic sports car.

 Forty-five days ago the last piece of my boyhood dream came true, I bought that car.

The whole experience of buying was incredible and turning heads on Las Vegas Boulevard was even better. This was a reward for my hard work. I had finally made it.

I’ve owned the car for six weeks and it’s been in the shop half the time. Today a tow truck arrived to haul it away yet again. The dealer can’t tell me what is wrong, let alone when my car will return home. (more…)

Trading Awesome for Acceptable

Trading Awesome for Acceptable

I have it all figured out. I know the ingredients in the secret sauce.

At least I have it figured out for me anyway. At least for now.

At 40 years old, I finally think I know what is best for me. I have found what seems to work best for my fitness and nutrition. I know what seems to be the best way to protect myself. A few months back, I made a list of skills that I think a human should be able to do. It included things that I am already skilled at, fighting and physical training. It also included things I wanted to learn like playing an instrument and hunting and butchering an animal.


Overnight Success Isn’t

Overnight Success Isn’t

It felt like a punch to my gut.

Being told you haven’t put in enough work to be successful is a heart-breaker.  Especially when it’s true …

As a Forging Leaders coach I have a commitment to write articles for the website.  I’ve had some challenges and up till now, none of my work has made the cut.

Each week I meet with Jeremiah (Forging Leaders founder, and my mentor), to review what I’ve written and to get feedback.

At our last meeting Jeremiah gave me critical feedback on a couple articles.  He said I explained too much of the story and left nothing for the reader to figure out.  In his own way, he told me my articles are long and boring and that I needed to start from scratch. (more…)

The Three Big Lies That Are Keeping You Stuck

The Three Big Lies That Are Keeping You Stuck

You are being lied to.

We all have beliefs that hold us back and keep us from building truly remarkable lives. I call these limiting beliefs.

We pick up some limiting beliefs as children: I’m not a good reader, I’m not very smart, I don’t have a good memory, I’m not a good artist, I’m not pretty.

We pick up some limiting beliefs as adults: I don’t deserve to be loved, I could never quit this job and find something better, I can’t dance, I’m a fraud and it’s just a matter of time before my boss/co-workers/family/friends figure it out.

These beliefs are usually developed over time as we experience failures or emotional trauma. Often, we learn them from other people telling us who we are, and what we can and cannot do.

There are three especially destructive limiting beliefs I’ve noticed in just about every client I’ve coached over the last six years.

I call these the three big lies. (more…)