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  • They had employee problems…maybe they just lost a great person, or they were struggling to attract great people.
  • They had drama at work and in their life.
  • They had set a really big goal and weren’t sure exactly what they needed to do in order to hit it.
  • They were looking for help with business strategy.
  • They were looking to solve a really important problem and didn’t have a mentor or someone else who could help them do it.
  • They were stressed out, working a lot, and things weren’t good at home. They wanted to have both, satisfaction at work and home, but weren’t sure how to achieve it.
  • They recently had a big failure, and they realized that they needed help in order to get better results.

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Leadership Academy

One of the most difficult leadership challenges that organizations face is that the various leaders have different vocabulary and expectations around what good leadership looks like. As a result, different leaders and their teams often just “wing it” when it comes to leading their teams. LEARN MORE


This is the core of what we do. We meet with our coaching clients for 60 minutes twice a month in person or over the phone. In these meetings, we help them get the clarity, strategy, and accountability they need to hit their goals and make big changes in how they approach business and life. LEARN MORE


We are available to come speak to your team on various leadership topics. We design these presentations to not only introduce a new leadership idea or strategy to your team, but also to show them how they can implement that idea in their own life. LEARN MORE


We offer half-day, full- day, and two-day workshops on some of our key leadership strategies and methodologies. During our time together, your team will not only learn new strategies, but will also put them into practice. LEARN MORE

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