Ernest Hemingway once wrote a six-word story.

“Baby shoes for sale. Never worn.”

I get chills whenever I read those six words. Even extremely short stories have the power to move us.

The life you live is the story that you are telling to the people around you. Your life IS your story.

Just like Hemingway, you have the power to influence with the story you tell.

Just as it is important to tell a meaningful life story with the actions you take over the course of years and decades, it is also important to master the short story.

Our shortest stories are told with our smile, our posture, the interest in our eyes when we’re listening to someone.

When you introduce yourself to someone new, when you answer the phone, when you greet the people in your life each day, your body, your voice, and your energy are telling a story about you.

Make sure it is the story you want to tell.

Take the lead,