Can you believe the Republicans are trying to take away our civil rights?

Can you believe the Democrats are trying to stamp out religion?

Can you believe the UN is trying to govern what we do in the US of A?

Can you believe what THEY are trying to do to us?

I am so sick of these conversations. The people who get the most fired up about politics or current events are the same people who aren’t taking care of their own life.

Someone whose marriage is falling apart will sit across from me ranting how they can’t believe what the Democrats are doing to destroy traditional marriage; or what the Republicans are doing to prevent two consenting adults from getting married.

Don’t fall for the trap. Don’t get so distracted by all the stuff THEY are doing to you that you stop taking care of you and yours.

Stop focusing on stuff that has almost zero impact on your life, or that you can’t do anything about, and start taking care of yourself and your family.

There always has and there always will be groups of people who offend you. Get over it.

You can choose to get indignant and devote precious energy thinking and talking about “how could they”, or you could choose to use that same energy being the best husband/father/leader you can be.

Indignance is a limited resource.

The energy that you spend getting angry listening to political talk radio and commiserating with your friends about the incredibly discouraging choice of presidential candidates is energy you aren’t spending on your wife, your kids, your fitness, your business, or anything else that actually will have an impact on your life.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take on causes outside of your immediate circle. Go for it! Run for election, start a movement, organize! But don’t just waste your indignance and energy on Facebook snark wars with people from the other side.

Your indignance is precious. Spend it wisely.

Are you indignant that you and your wife haven’t had a date night in 6 months? You should be.

Are you indignant that you don’t spend precious one on one time with your kids. Really being present with them (without your iPhone), really getting to know them? You should be.

Are you indignant that you have completely fallen off of the fitness wagon and have let your physique and your self confidence atrophy? You should be.

Are you indignant that you don’t regularly give back to someone in need outside of your immediate family and friends? You should be.

See the pattern here?

Most of what you spend your anger on are things you can safely ignore. And most of the things you ignore are the things you should be present with.

You were put on Earth for a purpose. Figure out what that is and do something about it. I’m pretty sure your purpose isn’t to get pissed off about stupid stuff while your life passes you by.

Your life is your story. You have the opportunity to become the HERO of your own life story. But that’s not a guarantee. I know plenty of people who are just a bit player in their life story, or worse yet, the victim of their life story. Don’t let that be you.

In order for you to be the HERO, you need to make an impact. You don’t need to change the world, but you do need to change YOUR world.

In order for you to be the HERO, you need to avoid the hundreds of bullshit distractions the world throws at you, and focus on what is most important and what you can actually control.

So, pull it together. We need you to step up. The world needs more heroes. The world needs you.